fixing squirrel damage

Eastern tree squirrels in BostonAre you worried that squirrels may build a nest and settle down in your home? There are some things that home and business owners can do to prevent things like this from happening in the future, but there are more comprehensive precautions that should be performed by a trained professional wildlife removal company, like Critter Control of Boston.

  • You can prepare your property for Critter Control's arrival by removing any food or water sources from your property, including bird seed and other bird food.

Squirrels can be overwhelming when they get inside your home, especially when they start to damage things like your insulation and electrical boxes. They'll rip up and use soft things like insulation and other household objects to pad their nest with.

  1. The first step Critter Control of Boston will take will be to make sure all the squirrels have been removed. If you try to implement this step on your own, there's a possibility that a squirrel could get stuck in your wall and die, which would exacerbate the already unpleasant stench. It's also important that you check to make sure there are no baby squirrels.
  2. The next step is to locate and seal any potential points through which the squirrel could enter. Squirrels can enter through holes as small as 1 ½". Your technician will verify the squirrels are gone from the wall.
  3. Clean up and fix any damage. Squirrel damage can include things like torn insulation and chewed building structure.
  4. Put prevention methods in place. You can also keep squirrels off your property by trimming long tree branches that brush against your home.

It's important to be prompt about squirrel damage and make sure it has not affected the integrity of your home's structure.