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Dedham is a wonderful Massachusetts city with a historic aesthetic and distinct suburban style that is surrounded by lush nature. Due to ongoing developmental expansion into these natural areas, Dedham residents may encounter displaced wildlife. If various wild animals start to creep their way into your residential property or commercial business in search of food and shelter, then rely on the professional animal removal services of Critter Control® of Dedham.

7 Nuisance Critters of Dedham, MA

Dedham is full of beautiful homes, business spaces, and commercial buildings. As such, there is no shortage of locations for roaming wildlife to nest and breed. Here are the most common species of wildlife that require removal in Dedham:

  1. Raccoons

  2. Squirrels

  3. Rats

  4. Mice

  5. Opossums

  6. Bats

  7. Birds

While these are some of the most common critters in the area, our animal control experts are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and experience to handle nearly any invasive wildlife removal situation.

Safe and Humane Dedham Wildlife Removal

Whether it’s scavenging raccoons, pesky rats, or bats hanging about, Critter Control® of Dedham is your choice for licensed and humane Dedham wildlife removal. We will thoroughly inspect your property, remove all unwanted wildlife, and prevent any future infestations from occurring. Including repair and exclusion services, our comprehensive CritterSafe® methods have got you covered.

Professional Dedham Wildlife Control

If you believe your Greater Boston area property may be hosting an unwelcomed critter, don’t wait and see what might happen. Contact the animal removal professionals at Critter Control® of Dedham. Our trained and licensed animal experts work quickly and efficiently to prevent substantial damage and the spread of transmittable diseases throughout your property due to a nuisance wildlife infestation. We will safely and effectively investigate, remove, and prevent further intrusion from your Dedham home or business.

To schedule an inspection for your home or business, visit our contact page or call 617-975-0440.


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