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Bustling with commerce and community, Milton is a well-kept suburb of Boston. Tucked away between the Neponset River and Blue Hills Reservation, it’s no surprise that the many beautiful homes and businesses of Milton would eventually attract not just families and business people but also the surrounding wildlife seeking food and shelter. While these creatures can often be awe-inspiring and beautiful sights to behold out in nature, they are also wild animals that can bring about physical harm, property damage, and serious disease.

To protect your Milton home or place of business, rely on the licensed and experienced pest removal services of the experts at Critter Control® of Milton. Our staff are dedicated to keeping you, your family, and your employees safe and healthy from the potential harms of a wildlife infestation.

9 Critters You Might Encounter in Milton, MA

There is a massive variety of wildlife found in and around the Greater Boston area. Here are the most common wild animals to make an uninvited and unwelcome visit to your Milton property:

  1. Ants

  2. Rats

  3. Mice

  4. Squirrels

  5. Opossum

  6. Rodents

  7. Raccoons

  8. Bats

  9. Birds

These critters are acting on natural instincts and are innocently navigating their surroundings in search of food, shelter, and protection. We here at Critter Control® of Milton love animals, which is why we are dedicated to the safest and most humane animal removal and prevention methods possible. That means no harmful treatments or violent tactics.

CritterSafe® Milton Wildlife Removal

If you think a wildlife infestation has begun in your Milton home or office, act fast and contact the professionals at Critter Control® of Milton. We offer a comprehensive, four-step CritterSafe® removal method that is not only an effective short-term but is also long-term wild animal prevention and exclusion solution. Our certified experts will provide your Milton property with a top-to-bottom program that removes nuisance wildlife safely and humanely, cleans and sanitizes any mess left behind and blocks any future attempts at re-entry.

Your Milton, MA Wildlife Removal Experts

If your property in the Greater Boston area is overrun with invasive wildlife, then you should rely on the professional animal removal experts at Critter Control® of Milton. Whether you have an existing pest problem or want to prevent one from ever starting, you can count on us for safe and effective services.

To schedule an inspection for your home or business, visit our contact page or call 617-975-0440.


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