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Beautiful and historic West Newbury, Massachusetts is defined by its scenic open spaces and farmland that is home to residential families and commercial business owners. Of course, it is not just people who occupy the homes and businesses of West Newbury as the area is also populated by plenty of wildlife, some of which are known nuisance pests.

Such animals are often drawn from the Greater Boston wilderness to the food, shelter, and resources that are abundant in populated areas like West Newbury. If you have a pest problem and are in need of professional wildlife control, contact the wild animal removal experts at Critter Control® of West Newbury.

7 Common Wildlife in West Newbury, MA

Wild animals may be attracted to your home for numerous reasons; they may be looking for food and water, a place to nest and breed, or safety from predators or harsh weather conditions, depending on the season. Whatever reason has brought them to your property, they belong in the wild, not in your home.

While many creatures live in West Newbury, the following animals are most commonly known to invade properties in the area.

  1. Bats

  2. Birds

  3. Mice

  4. Opossums

  5. Raccoons

  6. Rats

  7. Squirrels

Dangers of Wildlife Infestations

From frayed wiring, shredded drywall, and chewed beams, to contaminated food, foul smells, and soiled insulation, wild animals can cause a great deal of damage to West Newbury properties. They can also carry dangerous, transmittable diseases that can spread to you, your loved ones, and your pets. Wild pests can even get stuck in your home and find themselves unable to escape. As they burrow deeper in your walls and attic, they will nest, breed, and multiply until they infest and contaminate every inch of your West Newbury property.

If you hear scurrying, scratching, or other animal-related noises from your chimney, behind your walls, or in your attic, immediately call the licensed and trained wildlife control experts at Critter Control® of West Newbury.

Your West Newbury Wildlife Control Professionals

The experienced professionals at Critter Control® of West Newbury are knowledgeable and equipped to permanently remove any wild animal invading your home. Non-toxic and eco-friendly, our humane and efficient removal services are both safe and discreet. Not only will our wildlife technicians effectively identify and remove all invasive wildlife, but they will also provide sanitization, restoration, and prevention services to return your property to its pre-infestation condition.

If you have a wildlife issue in the Greater Boston area, you don’t have to face it alone. Leave it to the wildlife removal experts of Critter Control® of West Newbury.

To schedule a property inspection and receive a free estimate for our services, call us today at 617-975-0440.


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