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Skunks are common in a variety of habitats and are largely nocturnal. They can be found in forested areas, fields, or suburban areas and often nest under buildings, create burrows, or inhabit hollow logs. Skunks will also nest under porches or sheds by burrowing under the side of the structure.

These sneaky animals can get into homes or businesses through relatively small holes and once inside can cause considerable damage, as well as produce some very unpleasant odors. If a skunk is living in or around your home, they will leave behind feces, urine, and create stains if they spray their scent. Critter Control of Boston’s specialists can help with skunk damage repair and prevention.

Skunk Problems

Skunks should never be approached by an untrained individual. The spray produced from their glands is very difficult to remove and can cause temporary blindness if it makes contact with the eyes. Skunks also are capable of causing significant wounds by biting or scratching and are known to carry rabies. They will generally give some type of warning before spraying. A common warning sign is the stomping of their front feet.

Critter Control has the skills, knowledge, and resources to rid you of your skunk problem. Our Critter Control skunk removal professionals are trained in skunk removal, trapping, and prevention of future skunk damage. Upon skunk removal, a Critter Control expert will assess any damage to your home and identify other potential skunk entry points.

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