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Critter Control of Boston Local Critter Calls

We’ve been serving the Boston area for over 20 years and have encountered many critter calls. Below check out some of our favorite calls.

Rat Control in Brookline, MA

Rats can come out of the sewer and enter homes through breaks in the plumbing. When these breaks are behind walls or above ceilings, they are very difficult to find. Critter Control can provide a smoke test to try and locate these problem spots.

After several other companies were unable to figure out how rats were entering a Brookline home, a smoke test led Critter Control to an area above a basement ceiling. When a hole was cut at the location, this pipe that had separated at a joint was found. The black grease marks on the pipe indicate this was a very active rat entry point. Another problem solved by Critter Control!
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Skunk Eviction and Underground Fence

A customer in Medford, MA noticed burrowing and damaged lattice at their rear addition. There was also an odor of skunks. Critter Control provided an inspection and provided an estimate to install an Underground Animal Exclusion Fence. Critter Control removed the lattice in order to properly install screening and dug a trench around the perimeter of the rear addition then buried underground fencing in order to exclude skunks, opossums, rabbits, and other animals. It is important to make sure that any animals underneath the addition are allowed exit, this is done by installing a one-way door at the active point and leaving the one-way door for at least 3 days. Critter Control then returned to remove the one-way door and completed the fencing. Mission Accomplished!

Bird Removal and Exclusion In Malden, MA

We received a call from a customer concerned with birds nesting in her Roof Vent. We did find that birds had been nesting in there for quite some time. We evicted the birds, cleared the nests, and install a Roof Vent Guard which will prohibit them from coming back.

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Squirrel Removal and Exclusion Brookline, MA

Squirrels took advantage of the rotting fascia board in Brookline. Critter control identified the problem, removed the squirrels, and provided exclusion repairs to prevent the squirrels from coming back.

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Rat Control in Waltham, MA

A customer in Waltham was hearing scratching and running in their walls and ceilings during the day and night. Critter Control was called out to inspect for possible squirrel and or rodent activity. During the inspection, rat droppings were found underneath the deck. It was determined that rats were entering the home through the foundation underneath the rear deck area. Critter Control installed an underground fence, being very careful of buried electrical and irrigation lines. We also screened the lattice from the interior as aesthetics was very important in such a highly visible area. After the screening and underground fence was complete Critter Control set rat traps underneath the rear deck area and caught and removed the remaining

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Bird’s Nest Removal and Exclusion Arlington, MA

The customer called reporting birds nesting in a gas fireplace vent. Critter Control removed the cover, fully cleared the nest, reinstalled the cover, and screened the openings to prevent future nesting.

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Squirrel Removal and Repair in Newton, MA

A customer in Newton, MA called Critter Control after discovering sawdust and wood chips on their back deck. The Wildlife Specialist inspected the area thoroughly and found evidence of squirrels as well as their entry point. We installed a one-way door, set traps, checked them daily, and monitored the hole to make sure we removed all of the target squirrels. Once the animals were removed we sealed the entry point so no other animals could claim it as their own.

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Raccoon Removal in Belmont, MA

A customer called us from Belmont, MA to remove a family of raccoons living in their roof/crawlspace. Upon inspection of the home, we found the entry point in the rubber roof. Here is an example of a few materials we use to efficiently trap and remove the said raccoons that are nesting in the cavity. Our Wildlife Specialists also monitor the entry point to see if there is any activity once the trapping has been completed to make sure there are no more animals living in the hole.

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Raccoon Control in Somerville, MA

We were called to a home in Somerville, MA where the customer reported seeing a raccoon living underneath her roof deck. We provided the customer an estimate for an exclusion where the animal will not be able to venture beneath the deck again. Below you will find before and after photos. Great job Matt!

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Bird Control and Prevention in Cambridge, MA

The Critter Crew received a call from a customer in Cambridge regarding birds nesting in a dryer vent. Upon the inspection, we found lots of debris and lint in the cage that was around the dryer exhaust. Cages like the one below are designed to keep animals out but they collect LOTS of dryer lint. This can create the dryer to not function correctly and it can also be a fire hazard. Below you will see the before (cage) and the after (Pest Free Vent Guard). The Pest Free Vent Guard has a double door flap that prevents animal entry and will NOT collect lint. Great job Critter Crew!!

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Squirrel Removal and Repair in Watertown, MA

Critter Control was called out to a home Watertown because a customer was hearing scratching and noises in their rear ceiling and thought either squirrels or raccoons had entered her attic. The inspection revealed a huge section of the rear soffit was missing and the fascia board was deteriorated and vulnerable to animal entry. Because of the time of day, the animal was active, and evidence found at the entry point, Critter Control’s wildlife specialist determined squirrels were the intruders! Critter Control installed a one-way door to evict the squirrels and provided a squirrel removal program. Once the animal’s squirrels were gone and all was quiet, Critter control’s repair crew reinstalled the soffit and reinforced the fascia. This repair will keep out a variety of animals, from birds, squirrels, and raccoons, and is covered by Critter controls animal entry warranty!

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Squirrel Eviction in Dorchester, MA

Critter Control was called to a Dorchester home because a customer was hearing scratching, chirping noises, and running along with their third-floor ceiling, and suspected squirrels were living in the attic. Critter Control’s Wildlife specialist identified the roof vents as a possible entry for birds, raccoons, and of course, Squirrels! All the roof vents were screened off to prevent animal entry and a one-way door was installed to allow any animals that were in the attic to get out, but not return. Once all the squirrels were removed, the one-way door was taken down and the vent screened permanently. NO MORE CRITTERS!

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Squirrels in Wellesley, MA

We were called to a home in Wellesley where some squirrels chewed a hole through an Eave return. Below you find the entry point, our one-way door and traps set and the repair made to the hole once the animals were removed. No more pesky squirrels!

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Rats in Allston, MA

Critter Control was called to an Allston home because the homeowner was hearing running and scratching in the ceiling. Although this often means squirrels in the attic, Critter Control’s Wildlife Specialist found rat droppings in the basement as well as in the attic around the plumbing stack chase. Because we know breaks in the plumbing can allow rats to enter a home from the sewer, the wildlife specialist carefully looked over the exposed plumbing in the basement and found this do it yourselfer’s home fix of a rotten cast iron sewer pipe with duct tape.

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As you can see, the rats easily chewed through the duct tape to get into the home. Critter Control set traps to catch the rats that are already inside the home, and once plumber fixes the pipe properly, the rat problem should be solved.

Raccoon Eviction/ Trapping from a Chimney in Dracut, MA

We got called out to a home in Dracut because the homeowner saw a raccoon sticking its head out of the chimney. During the inspection, we determined it was a female with a litter. After discussing the options with the customer, we decided to implement our Critter Safe harassment program. It worked perfectly and after monitoring the top of the chimney for a few days, to make sure she had taken the litter away, we installed a stainless steel chimney cap. The cap not only keeps the wildlife out, but also protects the top of the chimney from water, extending the life of the chimney, and provides a clean finished appearance.

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Squirrel Removal and Repair in Somerville, MA

We were called to Somerville for a report that a customer had squirrels in a rear porch roof. After completing the inspection it was determined that there was an entry hole in the rear porch soffit. We began the trapping process immediately and had removed 5 squirrels within a couple of days.

After monitoring the hole over the weekend to make sure all the squirrels were gone, we repaired the hole with solid metal flashing.

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Bird Rescue in Cambridge, MA

A customer in Cambridge, MA called us regarding some scratching she was hearing above her kitchen stove hood. Upon arriving at the home and inspecting the area we found that the trapped animal was in fact a Starling. The bird was rescued and released unharmed. Great job Dan!Recent Critter Calls 43
If you are hearing unusual noises in your ceiling, walls, or chimney, you may have an animal or bird that needs rescuing. Give us a call. We can help.

Squirrel Repairs in Belmont, MA

A concerned Critter Control customer called us regarding some scratching and running she was hearing in her home in Belmont, MA. Our field service manager was able to do a full outdoor inspection of the home and found the entry point as well as verifying that squirrels have made a home in the attic/crawl space area. We set up the traps right at the entry point and trapped until all of the squirrels have been removed. After we monitored the hole to verify there were no more animals living in the crawl space we were able to begin our repairs. The repairs kept the animals out of the home and the customer was very satisfied. Below you will find the before and after photos.
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Underground Fence Installation in Newton, MA

A Critter Control customer in Newton, MA was having issues with numerous animals nesting and hiding under their shed, including skunks, chipmunks, and a pesky rat. Critter Control recommended installing an underground fence around the shed as a long term solution to the problem. A trench was dug around the structure and galvanized steel hardware clothe was installed in an “L” fashion, down, flanged out, and secured with exterior painted screws. The trench was refilled and graded for a finished, professional appearance. The underground fence or “rat wall” is an effective way to keep all types of critters out from under sheds, decks, porches, and additions.

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Bats in a Basement in North Reading, MA

A customer located in North Reading, MA called regarding a bat he had flying in his home the previous night. We informed the customer that since it has been a few hours since the bat was seen it is almost impossible to capture the animal. We told him to immediately call us if he sees the bat again. That evening he got visual of the bat flying in his basement. Our Field Service Manager Ben was able to get to the residence and capture the bat. We brought the bat to the state lab where they get tested for rabies. The customer was very happy to know it tested negative and he was very pleased to be rid of the bat. We then scheduled a Free Bat Inspection to identify how the animal made its way into his home. The customer was able to choose from two proposals and he decided to go forth with the Full Bat Proofing which is covered under a two-year warranty. The following week we were able to bat-proof his home and rid him of those flying pests. We are happy to report the repairs look great and they haven’t had another problem. He is one happy customer!

Squirrel Damage to a Soffit in Arlington, MA

A customer in Arlington, MA called concerned with some scratching noises and possible squirrel activity she was hearing in her attic. Our Field Service Manager Ben was able to respond to her call and did a complete inspection of the home. Immediately he was able to identify the point of entry. The squirrels chewed a hole in the Soffit, fascia and behind the gutter. After successfully trapping a few squirrels and monitoring the hole, we were able to begin our repairs to prevent more animals from entering as well as future problems. Below you will see the before and after photos of the work, our very experienced field technician Quinn was able to complete. We are happy to say the customer was relieved and beyond happy with Critter Control’s promptness, repairs, and results.
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Monitoring a Squirrel Point of Entry in Brookline, MA

Critter Control of Boston received a call from Brookline, MA. A customer heard a scratching noise coming from the attic space. Upon arrival at the residence, our Field Service Manager Pete did a full and thorough inspection of the home. He immediately spotted a circular hole under the downspout in the top right corner of the home. He knew right away it was a squirrel hole and what to do. If there is a squirrel entering and exiting the home the animal will have to come out daily for food and water. He attached a piece of cardboard over the entryway to monitor and see if a squirrel tears through it. Pete will return daily to check on the cardboard to see if there is any evidence of squirrel activity. If there is no activity at the point of entry, we are able to go ahead and repair the hole. Stay tuned for another update on the hole.
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Squirrel and Raccoon Damage in Newton, MA

A customer in Newton, MA called Critter Control of Boston concerned about some possible attic damage from some pesky animals. Our field service manager Pete did a thorough inspection and found a significant amount of raccoon and squirrel damage, including droppings, urine-soaked insulation, and several deceased animals in the attic of their coach home. We executed a full attic restoration, which included removing all of the insulation. The Critter Control team then vacuumed the entire attic and sprayed commercial grade disinfectant. Once everything was thoroughly dried out, we reinsulated with R-35 attic insulation. We are very happy to report the customer was thrilled and relieved that we were able to rescue their attic space.

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Squirrel Removal in Arlington MA

A customer in Arlington was hearing running noises above her head that sounded like squirrels. She had just had a new roof put on and a lot of work done on the soffits and gutters, and couldn’t believe there was a spot for anything to get in. During the inspection, Critter Control identified the entry point.

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If roofers, contractors, or painters miss one spot on the house, you can bet the squirrels will find it, but so will Critter Control! The traps were set the same day and the squirrel removed the following day. Critter Control knows how to get animals out, and keep them out! Once the squirrel was removed, we provided permanent repair to prevent future problems. If you have Squirrels or any other pesky animal problem, call Critter Control, to get them out fast and keep them out!

Baby Raccoons in Lexington MA

Critter Control received a call from a woman in Lexington MAcomplaining of birds chirping in her fireplace. She said she could hear them almost every night. We sent out our Wildlife specialist and when he got there he quickly confirmed what we suspected. It wasn’t birds, it was a family of raccoons! Each night when momma raccoon went out to search for food, her new babies would get a little chilly and lonely, and their little raccoon cries sound a lot like birds chirping. The homeowner didn’t want the raccoons harmed, so instead of raccoon removal, she opted for our Critter Safe raccoon eviction plan. We simply convinced the mother raccoon that this was not a great place to raise her little ones. That night she took them one by one out through the top of the chimney and off the property to a more suitable location. Critter Control returned the next day to install a stainless steel chimney cap to prevent raccoon entry from ever happening again. At this time of year, those little chirps might not be birds! If you hear something out of the ordinary, give Critter Control a call. We can address the situation quickly, efficiently, and humanely.

Squirrels in Newton, MA

Critter Control received a call from Leslie, a homeowner in Newton. Leslie was hearing the noise of squirrels in the attic. Unfortunately for Leslie, this was a familiar noise. She reported getting squirrels every few years in the 10 plus years she had lived in her home and was frustrated that despite solving the active problem, past companies did little to prevent future problems. Critter Control conducted a thorough inspection of the home. Not only were2 active squirrel entry points found, but Critter Control also identified several areas that were likely problem spots vulnerable to future squirrels chewing their way in. Once Critter control removed the squirrels, the entry points were repaired, and vulnerable areas reinforced. At Critter Control we pride ourselves at solving animal problems, as well as preventing future ones before they happen! If you are hearing the pitter-patter of uninvited guests, or just want to make sure your home is not vulnerable to future animal invasions, call and schedule an inspection with Critter Control! We keep animals out!

Brookline Bat Removal

Mary from Brookline awoke in the middle of the night to find a bat flying around her bedroom. She isolated the bat in the room and called Critter Control. The on-call technician was sent out immediately. Mike arrived to find the bat clinging to the curtain in the bedroom and quickly captured the intruder. Because the bat was in the room with Mary while she slept, it was sent to the state lab for rabies testing. the results were back the next afternoon and Marty was very relieved to find the bat had tested negative for rabies. Where there is one, there is often more, so Critter Control will be back to complete a thorough inspection to see if there is a bat colony living in the attic or eves. Either way, Critter Control’s expert technicians will be able to provide a full bat exclusion to rid the home of any bats that maybe there, and to prevent future bat entry. If you are hearing noises, finding bat droppings, or worse, have a bat in the living space, call Critter Control today. We can address the immediate situation as well as prevent it from happening again.

East Boston Chimney Cap Installation

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A new chimney cap installed at an East Boston location.

Roof Repair Services

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Bird Exclusion in Newton, MA

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Another vent screening, keeping birds out of the furnace. Wildlife exclusion work in Newton, Ma.
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Screened in louver vent keeps birds and squirrels out and airflow uninterrupted.

Construction Gap Repair in Needham, MA

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Construction gaps can leave areas of your home open to animal invasions. The Critter Control team can thoroughly inspect your home and repair any potential animal entry points.

Chimney Cap Installation in Boston’s South End

Recent Critter Calls 67
Critter Control installed a custom fabricated chimney cap in Boston’s beautiful South End to keep animals from entering the chimney. Another benefit of the chimney cap is the protection if the chimney crown, deflecting water, snow, ice, leaves, and branches from blocking the flues. Just look at that skyline!

Squirrel Exclusion

Squirrel Exclusion: Before

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Squirrel Exclusion: After

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