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Need Residential Wildlife Control Services in Boston?

Critter Control of Boston has experience in a wide range of residential wildlife control services.

Critter Control of Boston is a professional residential wildlife control service company. As a full-service company, we provide wildlife removal, damage repairs, and wildlife prevention. We will help you identify squirrel problems and squirrel entry points. We also provide full removal and control services. Our experienced technicians will get wildlife animals out of your home in no time. We specialize in a large category of animals including raccoons, mice, opossums, bats, and more.

Critter Control of Boston’s wildlife control services successfully get rid of wildlife in the home and keep wildlife animals out for good. We are aware of how important it is to protect the integrity of your home and the safety of your family. Wildlife damages and the diseases wildlife animals can carry can be bad news for homeowners.

Common Residental Wildlife Control Services

Boston homeowners and the surrounding area commonly find wildlife control problems involving squirrels in the attic or walls. Squirrels in the home can create extensive damages in a short amount of time. Critter Control of Boston are experts in squirrel removal. We will repair the damages caused by squirrels. Residential wildlife control

  • Animal Trapping

  • Wildlife Removal

  • Animal Damage Repair

  • Wildlife Exclusion & Eviction

  • Prevention

  • Dead Animal Removal

  • Decontamination

  • Odor Control

Animal Damage Repair Services

  • Chimney Cap Screen Installation
  • Gutter Cleaning and Leaf Guards
  • Attic Restoration and Insulation
  • Chimney Repairs, Sealing, and Tuck Pointing
  • Animal Droppings and Feces Removal
  • Attic, Soffit, Louver Vent Screen Guards
  • Caulk and Sealing
  • Crawlspace Clean-up
  • Foundation Vents
  • Carcass/Dead Animal Removal
  • Solar Panel Barriers
  • Underground Fence

Wildlife Service Areas

Residential Wildlife Services 1

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