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Filled with deep history, rich culture, and tons of activity, Charlestown is one of the busiest neighborhoods in Boston. But as more homes and businesses pop up around the area, wild animals have less natural space to roam. Because of this, they often try to chew, scratch or squeeze their way into local buildings.

To protect your property and secure your space from wild animals, partner with the wildlife management team at Critter Control® of Charlestown. From inspection to restoration, we’ll keep your property safe every step of the way.

7 Popular Critters Found in Charlestown, MA

With so many critters in the Charlestown area, it’s especially important that home and business owners protect their property. The following animals are the ones you need to keep an extra eye out for.

  1. Squirrels

  2. Opossums

  3. Bats

  4. Mice

  5. Rats

  6. Birds

  7. Raccoons

If you think one of these animals might be nesting, burrowing, or hibernating in your building, call the team at Critter Control® of Charlestown. Our wildlife professionals can quickly inspect the area, uncover the cause of your infestation, and get started on a personalized plan of action.

Critter Control® of Charlestown Can Help You Protect Your Property

Unless you repair each and every entry point around your property, your building isn’t safe from an infestation. That’s why the team at Critter Control® of Charlestown will come to your location, inspect your building, and identify every opening that critters could use for entry. From there, we’ll use durable materials to patch, seal, and fill any holes.

Whether you want to get a head start on wildlife prevention or need a fast, thorough fix for your existing wildlife issue, you can trust the Critter Control® of Charlestown staff to secure your space.

To have your home or business inspected, call us today at 617-975-0440.


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