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The native wildlife of Lowell, MA is a charming staple in the city — but it can sometimes complicate things for homes and businesses in the area. Although wild critters are simply in search of food, water, and shelter when they enter your property, they leave behind costly damage while trying to find them. Therefore, if you come across an unexpected animal inside your building, you need a quick, careful, and comprehensive critter solution.

Whether you physically see a wild animal or have suspicions that one is nesting in your home or business, the wildlife experts at Critter Control® of Lowell will restore your peace of mind with a prompt, thorough inspection. From there, we’ll identify the cause of your concerns and personalize a set of services to fit your specific critter situation.

8 Common Critters in Lowell

Of the endless wildlife in Lowell, the critters we most often come across in the city’s local homes and businesses include:

  1. Squirrels

  2. Raccoons

  3. Bats

  4. Opossums

  5. Mice

  6. Rodents

  7. Rats

  8. Birds

If you encounter any of these animals inside your building, call your local animal experts at Critter Control® of Lowell. Our team of professionals will safely exclude all unwanted animals and relocate them to a remote habitat.

Critter Control® Professionals of Lowell 

What makes Critter Control® Lowell, MA services different from the competition? Instead of simply removing unwanted animals from your home, our animal technicians take the time to understand why and how they entered your space. We use this information to personalize a solution plan that not only frees your property of nesting wildlife but also secures it from infestations down the road.

Put a stop to your animal infestation and secure your building with Critter Control® of Lowell’s preventative services.

To schedule an inspection for your property, call us today at 617-975-0440.


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