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From parks and golf courses to coffee shops and restaurants, Georgetown is one of the most charming parts of the Greater Boston area. Along with small businesses and locally-owned shops, there are so many outdoor activities to enjoy and experience around town. And although the local wildlife lends to Georgetown’s quaint appeal, it sometimes causes problems for homeowners and business owners. Property damage, health risks, and costly repairs are all results of a wildlife infestation. To reduce the effects of an animal intrusion, get it under control as quickly as possible, and avoid future run-ins with wildlife, call your local experts at Critter Control® of Georgetown.

7 Most Common Wildlife You’ll See in Georgetown, MA

In Georgetown, wild animals come in all shapes, sizes, and species — and they can all cause a great deal of damage to your property. Here are some of the critters we’re called to take care of most often at Critter Control® of Georgetown.

  1. Opossums

  2. Squirrels

  3. Rats

  4. Birds

  5. Raccoons

  6. Bats

  7. Mice

Call our team of wildlife specialists if you notice any unusual activity. The sooner we can inspect your area, the faster we can get to the bottom of your wildlife issue and provide you with a detailed plan of recommended next steps.

Professional Animal Control and Removal in Georgetown, MA

At Critter Control® of Georgetown, we are here to help you through every step of wildlife control. Our team of repair technicians and wildlife specialists are fully prepared to safely remove animals and restore the damage left behind. We can even install protective devices such as underground fencing, chimney caps, and vent screens.

To set up an inspection or schedule a consultation at your Georgetown residence or business, call Critter Control® of Georgetown today at 617-975-0440.


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