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In Merrimac, MA, homeowners and business owners enjoy the close comforts of nature. Nearby parks and outdoor trails add to the town’s quaint, quiet charm. But, this abundance of wilderness also adds to the town’s collection of wildlife issues. If you’re a Merrimac homeowner or business owner, you can count on the professional wildlife services from our team at Critter Control® of Merrimac. From animal damage repair and prevention to municipal programs and sustainable management, we’re trained and licensed to take care of your animal-related issues.

7 of the Most Common Pest Problems in Merrimac, MA

A number of wild animals live in the Greater Boston area. These are the animals to be most concerned about.

  1. Rats

  2. Squirrels

  3. Bats

  4. Opossums

  5. Raccoons

  6. Birds

  7. Mice

Even if you can’t tell what kind of animal is inside your property, it’s safer to call Critter Control® of Merrimac than to try and find out yourself. Our technicians are trained to identify animals from the nests and tracks they leave behind.

Commercial and Residential Wildlife Control in Merrimac, MA

Wild animals don’t have a hidden agenda — they simply want to find food, water, and safety. If their instincts lead them anywhere inside your residence or business, however, they can jeopardize your access to food, water, and safety. At Critter Control® of Merrimac, we create solutions that benefit you without harming the animals that wander inside.

The right fix for your property will depend on the kinds of critters causing you trouble. Once we examine the inside and outside of your building, we can determine exactly how to handle the issue going forward.

If you’re interested in commercial or residential wildlife services from Critter Control® of Merrimac, contact us today and schedule an inspection at 617-975-0440.


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