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Located just northwest of Norwood, Massachusetts, Westwood is a beautiful town amid ample, brushy landscapes. Flanked by Sen Ki-Hale Reservation and Twin Pine Hill, Westwood, MA is in a prime position for visits from local nuisance wildlife. While residents and business owners treasure the sight of local animals in the wild, they do not want to see any wildlife in their homes or businesses as they can bring property damage and potentially harmful disease.

If you have noticed signs that wild animals have made their way onto or inside your Westwood property, don’t delay in contacting the trained and licensed animal experts at Critter Control® of Westwood to assist with safe and efficient wildlife control as soon as possible.

9 Common Westwood, MA Wildlife

Forests and bodies of water make for very accommodating surroundings for a variety of wildlife, but it’s often not enough. Critters are curious and are always on the hunt for more sources of food and shelter. Here are a few common species that require our professional Westwood wildlife removal services:

  1. Raccoons

  2. Squirrels

  3. Rats

  4. Mice

  5. Ants

  6. Opossums

  7. Rodents

  8. Bats

  9. Birds

While these animals are common culprits of Westwood property infestations, our animal control experts are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and experience to handle virtually any Westwood wildlife or pest control situation.

Safe and Humane Westwood Wildlife Control

No matter what creature wanders into your residential home or commercial business, Critter Control® of Westwood is prepared to help. Our licensed and trained humane wildlife removal experts will thoroughly inspect your Westwood property, identify, isolate, and remove all nuisance pests, and prevent any future wildlife infestations from occurring. With our end-to-end services, including damage repair and restoration, we’ve got Westwood, MA pest problem under control.

Your Westwood Wildlife Removal Experts

If your property in the Greater Boston area is overrun with invasive wildlife, then rely on the professional animal removal experts at Critter Control® of Westwood. Whether you have an existing pest problem or want to prevent one from ever starting, you can count on us for safe, discreet, and effective services.

To schedule an inspection for your home or business, visit our contact page or call 617-975-0440.


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