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Whether you’re a new face to Boxford or a native of the area, a wildlife infestation is something you probably aren’t prepared to handle alone. In fact, attempting to remove or relocate specific species can put you in serious danger and legal trouble. So how do you properly follow state and federal laws while ensuring that your property is free from unwanted animals? You turn to the licensed, trained technicians at Critter Control® of Boxford.

7 Nuisance Animals in and Around Boxford, MA

It’s true that wild animals aren’t looking to jeopardize your business or threaten your home. Yet, that’s exactly what they do when nesting inside your property. Below are some of the most common critters in the Boxford, MA, area that you need to be aware of.

  1. Mice

  2. Woodchucks

  3. Squirrels

  4. Rats

  5. Opossums

  6. Raccoons

  7. Bats

Before you try and confront one of these wild animals, consider the dangers they present. Wild animals carry diseases, bacteria, mites, and more — which means close contact can put you at major risk. Turn to Critter Control® of Boxford for all of your wildlife-related requests. As wildlife professionals, we know how to approach, handle, and remove animals without aggravating the situation or causing more damage.

Animal Removal Services for Your Home or Business in Boxford, MA

Regardless of what kind of wildlife situation you find yourself in, you can always count on the Critter Control® of Boxford animal experts. With knowledge of animal law, humane wildlife management, and the Greater Boston area, we can safely settle even the most unsettling critter emergencies. We’ll work with your schedule to set up an inspection to check your attic, roofline, interior, and yard. From there, we can get started on a step-by-step plan to protect your property.

Schedule your consultation today by calling Critter Control® of Boxford at 617-975-0440.


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