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A small, homely city, Amesbury is rooted in Massachusetts history and decorated with humble country charm. Along with families and business owners, however, a vast majority of wildlife also call this river city home. As wild critters find themselves without as much natural space to stray, nest, and hunt, they turn to nearby buildings for safe shelter. If you suspect that wild animals might be nesting in your property, contact your local professionals at Critter Control® of Amesbury.

7 Common Wild Animals in Amesbury, MA

Knowing which wild animals are in your area can better help you to avoid a run-in with one in or on your property. The list below features the animals most commonly found to be causing trouble among homes and businesses in the Amesbury area.

  1. Birds

  2. Mice

  3. Rats

  4. Raccoons

  5. Opossums

  6. Squirrels

  7. Bats

If you spot any of these critters or find nests, droppings, or babies they’ve left behind, don’t hesitate to call Critter Control® of Amesbury. From safe removal to full-service prevention, our wildlife experts are ready to protect your property.

Amesbury, MA, Wildlife Management Professionals

Inside your home or business, the wild animals of Amesbury can cause serious damage in just a short amount of time. That’s why it’s critical to contact Critter Control® of Amesbury whenever you need professional wildlife control. Experience with a wide range of wildlife allows our licensed technicians to carefully remove unwanted animals and keep them out for good. Using eco-friendly products and treatments, you can trust that our safe solutions will get the job done without introducing toxic chemicals to your environment.

To schedule a consultation and have a Critter Control® wildlife expert inspect your Amesbury home or business, call us today at 617-975-0440.


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