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About House MiceRodent Service 1

House mice love to find shelter inside of your home, especially in the attic or crawlspace. They may also burrow into the ground around your house if they cannot find ways to get inside.

Problems with house mice is a common occurrence for property owners in the Boston area. If you are experiencing house mice problems at your home or work, chances are, these little critters have already established multiple entry points.

Aside from structural and landscape damages, mice are also known for carrying harmful diseases and parasites. If not careful, it can lead to food poisoning, flu, fever, ticks and much more.

Mice Removal & Control ServicesRodent Service 2

House mice aren’t necessary aggressive rodents but they are capable of creating damages to your house, especially mice in large numbers. We recommend that you contact Critter Control immediately if you suspect any mice activity(mice droppings, food particles, scratching noises).

As a full-service company, we also provide damage assessment and damage repair services along with wildlife prevention services.

About the Norway RatRodent Service 3

Norway Rats can cause significant damage to buildings, spread diseases, and contaminate food storages. They can be extremely dangerous.

As vigilant survivors, the Norway rat can adapt to almost any living condition. In urban areas, Norway rats prefer moist underground areas such as basements, subway stations, and sewers. These rats have a tendency to invade residential homes and commercial buildings during the colder months of winter and early spring.

Besides seeking protection from natural elements and predators, Norway rats are also attracted to the abundance of food that is stored in your house.

Norway Rat Problems

Norway Rats will often live near human populations due to their abundance of food and shelter. Living around Norway rats is a huge concern to homeowners because these rats will cause damages and spread diseases.

Rats will burrow underground and generally cause damage upon entry, but also ongoing damage to structures if they are not trapped and removed. Finding a source of food is the main reason for a rat infestation and you will often see them feeding in garbage cans, dumpsters, and gardens. These are common complaints within urban and suburban areas.

If you suspect you may have a rat problem in your home, call Critter Control for immediate service.

Rodent Removal

Critter Control professionals have a variety of rat removal techniques. We will assess the problem and take the necessary steps to not only humanely remove the rats from your home or building, but also to repair the damaged areas and reduce the possibility of future rat entry.

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