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Squirrels in the attic? Squirrels in your crawl space or eaves? Those scurrying sounds in the attic may well be Gray, Fox, Flying or Pine squirrels — which love to invade attics, and occasionally walls of structures. Call today for removal solutions to rid your home of squirrel problems!


Listen to the Squirrel Sound Clip

Squirrels 1The Boston area faces a very real squirrel epidemic, especially in urban areas. Boston squirrels are known for persevering and causing a huge mess in a short period of time. The predominant squirrel damages usually involve accumulations of droppings and urine in homes (mostly attics), shredded insulation and assorted chew marks on items. Critter Control of Boston is well-versed in the ways of squirrel removal. Contact us today!

Boston Squirrel Problems

Squirrels are frequently discovered in chimneys between spring and early summer, and they sometimes end up here because the mother squirrel had babies and is looking for a safe place to raise them. Baby squirrels, or squirrel kits, can’t climb out of chimneys on their own, but we can help! Critter Control has removed many squirrel babies from chimneys before, so if you stumble across these critters in your chimney, give us a call. The main prevention method we utilize to keep squirrels from returning to your chimney is chimney caps. Some other squirrel problems Critter Control of Boston has heard reports of include:

  • Ripped insulation
  • Teeth marks on assorted soft items
  • Feces and urine accumulation

Squirrels in Attics

These crafty and clever critters are opportunistic and will attempt any method they know to get into your home. Squirrels are nimble climbers and they are adept at getting into cozy attics. The destruction will add up quickly if a squirrel has been in your attic for any amount of time. It is likely that a squirrel in your attic will cause damage in the form of shredded insulation and accumulation of droppings.

Keeping Squirrels Out

  • Never feed squirrels. Feeding squirrels causes them to lose their fear of humans which can result in dangerous situations for both squirrels and people. Offering food to squirrels will result in more domesticated behavior
  • Only give your pets food inside. If you put pet food outside, you can unintentionally attract hungry and curious squirrels. Squirrels are carriers of diseases that your pets can contract.
  • Getting rid of potential nesting areas. Make sure you seal holes in attics, crawlspaces, and chimneys. It’s important to keep these closed so squirrels don’t crawl in walls and die. Secure sheds and garages. Enclose areas under porches and buildings.

There are specific laws and regulations regarding to numerous wildlife species in Massachusetts. Although it can be tempting to tackle squirrel removal on your own, it may be safer to consider help from a professional. If you are experiencing a squirrel problem, contact our Boston office today. We are happy to talk about options for dealing with nuisance squirrels.

We can help you get rid of Boston squirrel problems. Call Critter Control of Boston today to schedule your inspection or text us at 857-337-6577.


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