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Ant Removal Quincy, MAOf all the pests that can infest your Canton, MA property, ants are one of the smallest. However, despite their size, ants can cause significant damage to a residential or commercial property. Fortunately, the ant control experts at Critter Control® of Boston can safely and effectively remove any ants before the damage gets too serious.

Common Ants in Canton, MA

Some ant species that regularly infest Canton, MA homes and businesses include:

  • Pavement Ants
  • Odorous House Ants
  • European Fire Ants
  • Carpenter Ants

Ant Infestations and Their Risks

While ants can be a nuisance, there are several reasons why an ant infestation can pose a major risk to your home or business. Invasive ants can cause:

  1. Property damage

    Some ant species are known to burrow through wood and other materials that are vital to the structural integrity of your property. By allowing an ant infestation to go unchecked, you are compromising the safety of your home and racking up an expensive repair bill to deal with after the infestation has been eliminated.

  2. Food contamination

    Like most pests, ants usually target properties in search of food. When they get into your food, they can contaminate it with dirt and dangerous bacteria, making it unsafe to consume.

  3. Harmful bites

    The more ants you have on your property, the more likely you are to deal with painful ant bites, which can be deadly for those with ant allergies.

Effective Ant Control Methods

At Critter Control® of Boston, we can safely and efficiently remove ants from your Canton property with our effective ant control methods. Here are the four steps we take to ensure every ant removal service is a success:

  1. Inspection – First, we conduct a thorough inspection of your residential or commercial property to locate the ants and the openings they used to get inside of your property.
  2. Removal – Next, we eliminate all ants from your property using environmentally-friendly and non-toxic methods.
  3. Prevention – Then, we seal all gaps and holes found during the inspection to ensure ants and other pests cannot return.
  4. Restoration – Finally, we sanitize and repair any areas of your property affected by the infestation.

Professional Ant Control Services in Canton, MA

If your Canton property is overrun with nuisance ants, turn to the ant control experts at Critter Control® of Boston for safe, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic ant control services. Call us today at 617-975-0440 to schedule an inspection of your Canton-area property and receive a free ant control estimate.


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