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 Bat Removal in Milton, MAThere are 40 different species of bats in the United States. Drawn to dark and secluded areas, the small, furry, nocturnal creatures regularly seek out shelter, food, and water in the attics of residential homes and commercial businesses. If bats are making your Milton, MA property their preferred nesting location, call on the wildlife experts at Critter Control® of Boston to take care of your bat problem.

3 Common Signs of a Bat Infestation

While bats can easily invade your home undetected through small cracks or crevices, there are a few ways you can identify if you have a bat problem.

  1. Strange Noises

    Hearing strange sounds from your attic, basement, or inside of your walls is a sign that you have bats. If you hear any scratching, fluttering, or screeching noises, it’s time to call a professional.

  2. Dark Stains

    Bats are flexible enough to fit into tiny openings. As they brush against your walls, their greasy skin can cause unsightly dark stains.

  3. Bat Droppings

    Most bats can produce 20-30 droppings, known as guano, per day. If you see or smell the ammonia-like scent of bat feces, do not approach it and call our team for help.

Dangers of DIY Bat Removal

In some states, bats are protected by law which hinders when and how you can legally remove them from your property. Taking bat removal in your hands comes with many risks such as:

  • Spread of Disease

    Not only are bats known to be carriers of rabies, but their droppings can produce fungal spores. When breathed in, these spores could result in Histoplasmosis, a disease that attacks your respiratory system.

  • Structural Damage

    Bats can cause structural damage such as holes in your roof and create piles of their toxic feces causing your ceiling to cave in.

Handling wildlife of any kind is dangerous and should not be attempted unless professionally licensed and trained. If you see signs of a bat, carefully move away from the area and seek our expert help.

Our Effective Bat Removal Strategy

The experts at Critter Control® of Boston are trained to remove nuisance wildlife safely and effectively from your home or business. Our proven four-step bat removal process includes:

  • Inspection

    Our experts will identify entry points, possible damage caused by the infestation, and the location of the invasive creatures.

  • Removal

    Using the data obtained from the inspection process, our team will strategize a humane and safe plan for bat removal.

  • Restoration

    We will repair any damage caused by the infestation, as well as clean and sanitize any contaminated areas.

  • Prevention

    Exclusion is the only long term method to keep bats out of your property. Once bats have vacated your residence, we will seal any openings with one-way doors to prevent re-entry.

Bat Removal in Milton, MA

If you suspect that you have a bat in your Milton home or business, rely on the experts at Critter Control® of Boston to solve your problem. Using our efficient CritterSafe® methods, any nuisance pests will be quickly removed and the safety and security of your Milton, MA property will be restored.

To schedule an inspection for your Milton, MA home or business and receive a free estimate for our bat removal services, call us today at 617-975-0440.


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