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Raccoon Removal In Boxford, MA

Residents of the scenic, nature-filled town of Boxford, MA can often experience unexpected encounters with raccoons and other wildlife. While raccoons can be captivating creatures to observe from afar, having them invade your property can lead to significant problems. Fortunately, the safe and effective raccoon removal methods employed by the professionals at Critter Control® of Boston can quickly evict nuisance raccoons from your Boxford property, and keep them away permanently.


4 Signs of Invasive Raccoons

Raccoons are highly adaptable creatures known for their resourcefulness, which often brings them within close proximity to humans. Knowing the signs of raccoon activity can help you take proactive steps to address the situation before it gets out of control. Signs of trespassing raccoons include:

  1. Nocturnal Noises

    If you notice suspicious sounds at night, such as trash cans knocking over or loud squeaking and scurrying noises, then you might have raccoons on your property.

  2. Droppings and Tracks

    Being observant of raccoon droppings and tracks can help identify their favorite nesting spots. A raccoon’s droppings may resemble those of a small dog, but its urine has a distinct ammonia-like smell. You might also discover raccoon tracks in your garden or near water sources.

  3. Property Damage

    Raccoons are skilled climbers that can easily scale trees or downspouts to access attics, chimneys, and roof vents. Look for signs of damage to roof shingles, vents, or damaged insulation, as these could indicate invasive raccoon activity.

  4. Garden Raids

    Raccoons are notorious for raiding fruit and vegetable gardens, especially those growing corn, berries, and other sweet crops. If you find half-eaten produce or damaged plants in your garden, raccoons could be the culprits.

Proven Raccoon Removal Methods

While these intelligent creatures are a part of the natural ecosystem, their presence on your property can lead to damage to potential health risks. Therefore, addressing raccoon infestations is crucial to ensure a safe and harmonious living environment. The professionals at Critter Control® of Boston use a four-step process to safeguard your property from raccoons.

  1. Inspection – We begin by conducting a thorough inspection of your property to identify raccoon entry points, nesting sites, and food sources.
  2. Removal – Then, we humanely remove all raccoons away from your property and relocate them to a safer environment.
  3. Prevention – We prevent raccoons from returning by sealing up all entry points.
  4. Restoration – We repair, clean, and disinfect any areas damaged by invasive raccoons.

Your Boxford, MA Raccoon Removal Experts

If your Boxford, MA property is overrun with nuisance raccoons, then rely on the professional raccoon removal experts at Critter Control® of Boston. Whether you have an existing pest problem or want to prevent one from ever starting, you can count on us for safe and effective services. To schedule an inspection for your Boxford home or business and receive a free raccoon removal estimate, please call 617-975-0440 today.


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