Humane Wildlife Removal: Why It Matters and How It's Done

From traps to poisons, there are many advertised methods for getting rid of unwanted pests on your property. Unfortunately, many of those methods are outdated, inhumane, and may cause the animal to needlessly suffer. Therefore, many wildlife removal professionals these days recommend implementing humane wildlife removal methods to ensure the safety of all involved parties, including the wild animal.

Benefits of Humane Wildlife Removal

Here are some of the many benefits of humane wildlife removal methods.

  • Safe for the Animals

Humane wildlife removal involves safely capturing, removing, and relocating invasive animals rather than killing them. Humane methods are necessary when attempting to remove endangered animals or wildlife protected by law. Federally protected animals must be removed by licensed wildlife removal experts to avoid breaking laws, having to pay any fines, or being ordered to serve jail time for their unlawful death or injury.

  • Safe for the Environment

Another reason why opting for humane removal services is best is that they typically utilize non-toxic and chemical-free removal methods. Often, methods that involve poisons and pesticides will not only harm the unwanted critters infesting your home but also the animals and plants in the immediate area of your home. Inhumane pest control chemicals can also harm any pets or curious children that accidentally ingest the pesticides. By relying on humane wildlife removal services, you are doing your part to protect your loved ones and your local environment from harm.

  • Safe for Yourself

Certain wildlife removal methods are not only harmful for invasive pests, but they can also be harmful to you if you lack proper training and safety gear. When installing snap traps, for instance, you can easily injure yourself by accidentally triggering the device. Furthermore, DIY wildlife removal often involves handling the trapped creatures. A caged animal is unpredictable and may attack and bite you if it feels threatened.

By relying on a professional to administer humane wildlife removal methods, your chances of encountering an aggressive wild animal will be reduced. Instead of attempting animal removal methods on your own, keep a safe distance away from invasive wild animals and rely on the humane wildlife removal experts at Critter ControlĀ® of Boston.

Humane Wildlife Removal Services Available in Boston, MA

At Critter ControlĀ® of Boston, our team of humane wildlife removal experts will remove all unwanted wildlife using non-toxic, chemical-free, and humane methods. We guarantee safe, effective, and permanent results. To schedule an inspection of your property and receive a free estimate for our humane wildlife removal services, call Critter ControlĀ® of Boston today at 617-975-0440.


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