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The problem became most noticeable when the homeowner began actually seeing the mice scurrying across the floor, hearing the scratching in the ceiling late at night and seeing mouse droppings in their kitchen. During a thorough home inspection, Critter Control of Boston identified several areas of activity including the attic, kitchen and basement.

A comprehensive mouse elimination/exclusion program was developed and immediately put into action. The plan was to set mouse traps in the attick, under the stove in the kitchen and in the basement to eliminate the existing population. The traditional snap traps were placed in areas that would not come into contact with any people or pets in the home, yet be effective in catching the mice. The second level was to exclude mice from entering the home through exclusion repairs to the foundation vents and around the basement windows and utility pipes.

Upon a return visit, Critter Control of Boston discovered several mice were trapped in the attic and under the stove. The homeowner also reported that no further activity was noticed after the third night of trapping. The exclusion repairs were completed and the homeowners are now enjoying quiet nights at home with no unwanted guests scratching above their heads at night.


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