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Raccoon Removal in Beverly, MA

Raccoons are curious, agile, and tenacious mammals that are attracted to residential and commercial areas in search of food. Unfortunately, this means that a raccoon can easily find its way inside your Beverly, MA property, establish a nest, and begin to breed.

If raccoons have taken over your Beverly home or business, Critter Control® of Boston is here to help with proven raccoon removal methods.

Signs of Raccoons

Raccoons love to nest in attics, cellars, and chimneys because they’re safe, dark spaces that property owners often do not check. Look for these signs if you think a raccoon is in your Beverly property.

  1. Damaged screens
  2. Disturbed gardens or trash cans
  3. Paw prints leading around your property
  4. Scratching, squeaking, and scurrying noises in the attic
  5. Disturbed pet bowls

Dangers of Raccoons

While raccoons may seem cute and harmless, they pose many threats to you and your property. As they make their nest, raccoons cause damage to your attic’s insulation, electrical wiring, and framing. Furthermore, knocked over trash cans and scattered garbage in your front yard will attract more unwanted wildlife to your property.

While raccoons are normally docile, they can scratch and bite if they feel cornered or threatened. Raccoons can also bring in fleas and other parasites to your home or business. Therefore, you should leave raccoon removal to the experts at Critter Control® of Boston.

Efficient Beverly Raccoon Removal Services

Critter Control® of Boston uses a four-step CritterSafe® method to remove raccoons safely and humanely.

  1. Inspection: We conduct a thorough walkthrough of your property to determine where the raccoons are located and the extent of the infestation.
  2. Removal: The raccoons are safely removed from the premises and relocated.
  3. Restoration: Any property damage caused by the raccoons is cleaned and restored.
  4. Exclusion: We seal up entry points to prevent the raccoons from returning.

Get a Free Raccoon Removal Estimate Today!

The sooner you notice a raccoon on your Beverly, MA property, the quicker they can be dealt with. Rely on the professionals at Critter Control® of Boston to take care of your raccoon problem for you.

Whether you have an existing wildlife problem or want to prevent one from starting, you can count on us for safe and effective services. To schedule an inspection for your Beverly home or business and receive a free estimate, call us today at 617-975-0440.


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