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Rodent Removal in Westwood, MA

Rodents regularly infest Boston area properties in search of food and shelter. The pests use their small, agile bodies to squeeze through the tiniest of holes and crevices. Once inside, they will chew through your property to make shelter, wreaking havoc and spreading disease in the process. If you are experiencing a rodent infestation in your Westwood, MA home or business, the rodent removal professionals at Critter Control® of Boston will safely and effectively evict the nuisance pests for good.

Property Damages Caused by Rodents

Invasive rodents can inflict serious damage on your property as they scurry through your attics and walls, chewing on piping, fraying electrical wires, scratching drywall, and shredding insulation. Their destructive behaviors can subject your Westwood home or business to power outages, water leaks, or even life-threatening fire hazards. If you notice such rodent-related damages, it is important to contact our rodent removal experts to quickly implement a plan to eliminate your rodent infestation before it grows out of control.

Health Concerns of Rodents

Rodents are not only capable of putting your home or business in danger, but you as well. The pests are known to carry a host of diseases, bacteria, and parasites and can infect you or your loved ones with the flu, fevers, fleas, ticks, and a range of other illnesses.

Common Boston-area Rodents

The types of rodents that can commonly be found invading homes in the Great Boston area include:

  • House mice

    These rodents commonly live in walls and crawl spaces near accessible food sources. You may notice mice scatter across your kitchen floors or counters in search of crumbs. while you’re not looking and leave you susceptible to food poisoning if you are not careful.

  • Norway rats

    Larger and greasier than house mice, Norway rats (or brown rats) are the most common rat species in the U.S. The disease-carrying pests breed rapidly and are often found infesting suburban properties and commercial businesses.

  • Squirrels

    Common tree squirrels can easily scale walls, gutters, and tree limbs to access your roof and enter your attic.

The threats wild rodents pose to both your property and your health are too great to handle on your own. Don’t risk your safety attempting to trap or remove rodents in your home. Instead, let our experienced specialists at Critter Control® of Boston take care of the job with our non-toxic and eco-friendly rodent removal methods.

Reliable Rodent Removal Services in Westwood, MA

The licensed technicians at Critter Control® of Boston have been providing homes and businesses in the Greater Boston area with efficient rodent removal services for 40 years. To quickly, safely, and permanently remove nuisance rodents from your Westwood property, call us today at 617-975-0440 and receive a free rodent removal estimate.


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