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Sometimes, squirrels nest in your Brighton home or business to seek shelter or find food and end up getting a little too comfortable. Other times, they get stuck in the walls, chimneys, and crawl spaces and can’t escape no matter how badly they try. At Critter Control® of Brighton, we can help squirrels find their way out and relocate the animals to a safer location thanks to our tried-and-true squirrel removal system.squirrel removal brighton, ma

4 Clues to Look for if you Have a Squirrel Infestation

As soon as you suspect that squirrels are nesting or trapped in your building, contact Critter Control® of Brighton so we can conduct a full inspection. If you aren’t sure which signs point to squirrels, here are the sights and sounds to keep in mind:

  1. Urine and droppings

  2. Daytime scratching or shuffling noises

  3. Dark, greasy marks on walls and entry points

  4. Chew marks on wires and cardboard

Don’t Try DIY Squirrel Removal

You might be able to temporarily fix your pest problem with store-bought products, but you can’t keep squirrels out for good when you use materials that are weak and cheap. That’s why we secure openings, gaps, and holes with industrial sealants, metals, and mesh after we remove unwanted critters from your home or business. These tools are built to last and withstand squirrel scratching, biting, and chewing.

DIY methods aren’t just ineffective; they’re also dangerous. When you try to capture, remove, or relocate squirrels on your own, you put yourself and the animals at risk. For example, you could startle or scare squirrels into a defensive state, causing them to scratch, bite, or scurry deeper into your building. Or, you could fumble the job and end up causing serious harm to the animals. Instead of taking risks for minimal results, let the professionals at Critter Control® of Brighton do the job safely from the very beginning.

Solve Your Squirrel Concerns in 4 Easy Steps

To keep the homes and businesses of Brighton protected from wild animals, the trained technicians at Critter Control® of Brighton use a carefully crafted four-step squirrel removal process, which includes:

  1. Inspection

  2. Removal

  3. Restoration

  4. Prevention

This system allows us to guarantee the best possible results while working with different budgets and buildings, but it also helps us preserve the Greater Boston environment. Turning to eco-friendly alternatives and humane removal methods, we can protect your property and the nature that surrounds it.

To learn more or schedule a squirrel removal inspection, call us today at 617-975-0440.


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