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Whether you’re worried about the cost or afraid of hurting the animals, there is a list of reasons you might have been using as an excuse to ignore the squirrels in your attic or chimney. But what if there was a professional, safe way to remove them that could fit your financial situation? At Critter Control® of Malden, that’s exactly what we aim to provide for all of our clients in the Greater Boston area.

5 Common Squirrel Entry Strategies

Squirrels can easily climb, scurry, and squeeze into spaces and openings around your property that you might not even be aware of. However, the most common entry points these critters use include:

  1. Siding gaps

  2. Uncapped chimneys

  3. Damaged soffits

  4. Weak shingles

  5. Fascia holes

To prevent squirrels and other animals from ever causing trouble in your home or business again, our team of wildlife experts at Critter Control® of Malden can top off your squirrel removal service with entry point restoration. In fact, after we remove unwanted animals from your property, we’ll also sanitize the nesting sites and provide a number of repair options.

Critter Control® of Malden’s 4 Step  Solution for Squirrel Situations

When it comes to wildlife removal, the Critter Control® of Malden crew understands how crucial it is to get the job done right from the very beginning. That’s why we use the following four-step system to guarantee the best results possible:

  1. Inspection

    • We’ll find the locations around your commercial or residential building that squirrels likely used for entry. From there, we’ll start to specialize in the rest of the removal plan.
  2. Removal

    • Removing squirrels takes patience, care, and serious animal expertise. Our wildlife technicians have the training and experience to humanely handle any wild animal.
  3. Restoration

    • Once we make sure no animals are left behind, we’ll patch up and repair all those entry points, holes, and gaps we found in the inspection phase.
  4. Prevention

    • Depending on which areas of your building need the most security, we’ll install protective devices that help prevent future infestations.

In Malden, MA Squirrel Removal Starts With Critter Control® of Malden

Don’t skip out on squirrel removal any longer. Whether you’ve just discovered squirrel activity or have a long-standing squirrel situation, our licensed technicians at Critter Control® of Malden are always ready to supply top-of-the-line service that works with your budget. To schedule an inspection of your home or business.

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