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In Tewksbury, there are squirrels all around town — jumping from branch to branch and scavenging for essentials. But when any wild animal enters your home or business, things can get really out of control really quickly. And squirrels, just like all the other wild animals in the area, are a threat to be taken seriously.squirrel removal tewsbury, ma

So, how do you keep squirrels from getting into your building? How can you get them out if you already have an infestation? You count on the reliable, local help from the team at Critter Control® of Tewksbury.

3 Common Squirrel Removal Situations

Sure, they’re cute, furry critters that only enter your building to find the items necessary for survival, but squirrels aren’t trained to live an indoor lifestyle. They are wild, unpredictable animals that can cause all sorts of chaos under your roof, including:

  1. Issues in the attic — From chewing cardboard to ripping out chunks of insulation, squirrels can not only damage your personal belongings but also your HVAC unit.
  2. Trouble with your electricity — Wires, outlets, and appliances can all take damage from squirrels, which puts your building at risk of electrical issues.
  3. Damage to the structure — Scratching and gnawing through tough materials like wood beams and walls, squirrels can devastate the structure of your home or business.

8 Critter Clues to Check For

To avoid damage and destruction from a squirrel infestation, you need to know how to spot one as soon as it starts. If you hear, see, or sense any of these warning signs inside your home or business, contact the wildlife professionals at Critter Control® of Tewksbury.

  1. Urine puddles
  2. Dropping piles
  3. Foul odors
  4. Torn materials
  5. Chewed wires
  6. Scratched entryways
  7. Nest gatherings
  8. Daytime noises

Squirrel Pest Protection in Tewksbury

Squirrels can settle into any home or business that isn’t protected. But the only way to secure your building from these critters is to partner with the wildlife experts at Critter Control® of Tewksbury. Our team of trained, experienced technicians has the tools and intuition to settle and prevent pest problems of all shapes, sizes, and species.

If you’d like to have your commercial or residential property inspected, secured, or saved from squirrels, contact Critter Control of Boston today at 617-975-0440.


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