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Flying Bat

Bats in the belfry, attic, basement or chimney? Scratching or scurrying noises in the ceiling? Foul odors in your home? Critter Control can help eliminate bats in your home and prevent them from re-entry.
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Bats can become a huge headache if you find yourself outside a lot during dusk and night. Bats have a tendency to roost in the smallest crevices of your home, which can become a dangerous habit if their droppings begin to accumulate. Even though the great majority of bats actually have rabies, it’s still prudent to handle bats carefully, if at all.

The biggest bat issues are buildup and odor of feces and debris. Regardless of whether you have found bats outside your home or inside your chimney or attic, call Critter Control of Boston today! We can help you with bat removal.

Chimney Bat Removal

Bats 1Bats may seek shelter in chimneys and between the metal flashing and brick. We can gently remove the bats from your chimney before installing a chimney cap to discourage future wildlife visitors.

Removing Bats in Attics

Bats can easily get into an unsecured attic. If they find even a small opening, ½ inch is all it takes, bats will do their best to squeeze into a cozy attic. Bats who have been allowed to spend time in attics make big messes. Bat urine and feces contaminate the insulation and result in extremely unpleasant odors.

Critter Control of Boston can help with the eviction of bats as well as the cleanup and repairs. We have many exclusion methods to keep bats out too.

Bat Prevention

The only real way to prevent bats from entering your home is to seal openings that lead to attics, crawlspace, and chimneys. Secure sheds and garages. Enclose areas under porches and buildings.

There are laws and regulations pertaining to a number of wildlife species in Massachusetts. Although you might be tempted to tackle bat removal on your own, it may be safer to contact a professional. If you are experiencing a bat problem, give us a call. We are happy to talk about options for dealing with nuisance bats.

We can help you get rid of bat problems. Call Critter Control of Boston today to schedule your inspection or text us at 617-975-0440.


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