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Solar panels are a tremendous source of energy generation. They’re clean, they’re green, and they’re popping up on institutional, commercial and residential roofs at an ever-increasing rate.

Unfortunately, they also make fantastic homes for various forms of wildlife. Raccoons, squirrels, rats and birds frequently take advantage of the natural cover provided by solar panels for protection from predators and the elements.

Each critter that takes up residence under your solar panels creates various and significant concerns for the owner of the panels and structure:

  • Raccoons have been known to use the protection of the panels to work a hole through the shingles and roof board and literally drop right into the interior attic space.
  • Birds can create a considerable mess and a real health risk with their nesting materials and abundant feces.
  • Squirrels have a propensity to chew on wiring. Not only will they build nests and have babies under your panels, they can also create the need for costly repairs to get your system restored.

Critter Control has developed WILDLIFE SOLAR BARRIERS to provide an affordable solution to this problem. We offer an entirely screwless system that covers the perimeter of your solar installation and prevents unwanted pests from making their homes on your home.

The system is specifically designed to keep wildlife from accessing the underside of solar panels, thus protecting the wiring and equipment from damage. In addition, it will also prevent physical damage that rodents can cause to the roofing materials and roof structure.

Call Critter Control of Boston today for a free estimate and further details on this must have solution for every solar panel owner or text us at 617-975-0440.


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